Core offer setting out level of services for East Sussex residents ‘appalling’ say LibDems

Covering this issue, the Eastbourne Herald says, "Conservative-led East Sussex County Council says the core offer is intended to be ‘an articulation’ of what its minimum level of public services would look like over the next three years."   LibDem councillors responded forcefully:   Philip Danie...

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Sarah Osborne: a starring performance on ITV's Last Word

An excellent performance by LibDem Councillor Sarah Osborne on the ITV programme 'Last Word'.  Selected highlights: - the EU (5.05)  - ESCC cuts (11.00) - cross questioning the Tories on local government financing and cuts (15.00) - standards in public life (18.30) - she welcomes the introductio...

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Lib Dems back move to defeat 'craven' Govt over FOBT delay

The Liberal Democrats have today announced they will back a cross-party amendment to the Finance Bill to ensure the maximum stake for fixed-odds betting terminals are introduced within six months. Speaking ahead of the vote next week, Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable said: “A few months ago I ...

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