Lewes Lib Dems Win Renewable Energy Vote

The indefatigable Vic Ient, LibDem District Councillor for Kingston, has won a moton at the Council which will encourge much greater uptake of renewable energy in the future. From 1st Sept 2019 planning applicants for housing and commercial development will have to work with the officers of the c...

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Lib Dems call for renewable energy boost

This year the Liberal Democrats at Lewes District Council are having another go at getting renewable energy higher up the planning agenda when it comes to building new homes. Last October Lib Dem councillor Vic Ient proposed that all new housing and commercial developments incorporated renewable...

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Lib Dems force action on empty houses

The Liberal Democrats have today claimed victory as the Conservative government bowed to pressure to take decisive action on empty houses, by giving new tax powers for councils. The government has accepted the principle of an amendment from Lib Dem Peers (Baroness Pinnock and Lord Shipley) to set...

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