Guy Earl

15 Dec 2023
Guy Earl, comfortably dressed, sitting with a big smile and his hands up in an animated gesture .

It is with great sadness that we must report the sudden death of Guy Earl, who passed away at his home in Lewes on Thursday. Guy was a much-loved Lib Dem member and dedicated activist, who will be remembered for his many acts of kindness.

Politics ran through Guy’s veins. Not only did he work tirelessly for the local party, but he kept abreast of wider political events past and present. There was not much he did not know about the Liberal Party. He was so well informed about politics that he could confidently place bets on the outcome of French elections.

A two-time Town Councillor in Bridge Ward, Lewes, Guy was a delight to canvass with. Always polite and charming, he could win over the most reluctant voter. His delivery capability was legend. He took on more walks than anyone in his Ward despite physical impairments. 

He was a proof-reading terrier: few errors in a Focus escaped his notice. Not surprisingly, Norman Baker relied on his skills to put the finishing touches to his writing.

Guy put his background in financial services to good use as a local treasurer. But at election time he came into his own: identifying candidates, collecting nomination papers and chivvying up deliveries. Although he took a lead, when it came to taking the credit Guy preferred to remain in the background.

But it is in his personal dealings with people that Guy will be best remembered. So many of those who knew him counted him as a friend. And he was always ready to step in when there was someone in need. Recently he shouldered the considerable burden of settling the affairs of Stephen Catlin, another fondly remembered Lewes Councillor. 

Many have cause to thank him for being both a sympathetic ear and a practical friend ever ready to give someone a lift to a hospital appointment. Our sympathies are with his family and close friends at this time.