Labour officially gives up on winning Lewes constituency

13 Dec 2023
James MacCleary standing in front of the entrance to Lewes Castle and looking very relaxed.

In a recent communication to its members, the Labour party has announced it will not seriously contest the constituency of Lewes constituency at the next election. 

The Labour party even called the constituency a “non battleground seat”, as they began to select their election candidate. 

At the last General Election, the Liberal Democrats finished second place to the Conservative party by just 2,500 votes while Labour were in a distant third over 20,000 behind the Lib Dems.The news from Labour means it will again be a fight between the Liberal Democrats and Conservative party.

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Lewes constituency, James MacCleary, said:  “This constituency will be a two horse race between the Liberal Democrats and a desperately out of touch Conservative party. Even Labour have admitted that they won't win here.

"I have already had great support on doorsteps from Labour supporters who will vote tactically. I am hugely grateful for their support.

“Time and again residents tell me they are fed up with the Conservative party that is too busy fighting amongst themselves to govern this country "Our local health services are at breaking point, residents can't get an appointment with their GP, and NHS dentists seem to have disappeared completely. All this and our MP is a health minister! People have told me it's time for change. 

“Enough is enough. It is time we had a local champion who can deliver the change we so desperately need in Seaford, Lewes, Newhaven, Polegate and our villages.”

The full list of Labour “non battleground constituencies” is available at this link.