Joint work on Seaford seafront parking welcomed

14 Jan 2024
Head and shoulders shot of Councillor Carolyn Lambert with Seaford beach in the background

East Sussex County Council, Lewes District Council and Seaford Town Council are working together to try to solve problems with seafront parking. Cllr Carolyn Lambert explains: “I have been calling for this joint approach to the serious issues faced by residents for some two years now, so I am delighted that my Liberal Democrat colleagues on Seaford Town Council are leading the way in pulling together support.

""A two-pronged approach is being suggested with enforceable parking restrictions being put in place together with other legal measures to try to crack down on anti-social behaviour.

All the agencies are being invited to a meeting on 16 January, including representatives from Fire and Rescue and Lewes District Council’s Neighbourhood First Team.”

Cllr Maggie Wearmouth, Chair of Seaford Town Council’s Community Services Committee, adds:

“We want to welcome visitors to our town but residents living along the seafront have had to put up with years of inconsiderate and illegal parking along with some distressing anti-social behaviour. This is not what we want in Seaford, and we will work hard with partners to find practical solutions that still allow people to visit and enjoy our lovely seaside town.

"However, we appreciate also that this is a complex issue and will require close working between all three councils”.