Lewes MP ignores request to meet with Fire Service

Lewes MP Maria Caulfield has ignored requests to meet with the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. Lib Dem Cllr Carolyn Lambert, Vice-Chair of the Fire Authority commented:

“I am astonished by the discourtesy shown by an MP to our hard-working and much-valued Fire and Rescue Service. We have meetings arranged with all the other MPs in the area and with the Police and Crime Commissioner but Maria Caulfield has not responded either to the invitation to meet or to a previous letter from the Chief Fire Officer."


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Tories vote down their own housing strategy at Lewes District Council

Conservatives are in chaos after their surprising move to oppose their own housing strategy at a recent council meeting. The controversial ‘49 sites’ plan had been heavily criticised by the opposition Liberal Democrat group and large numbers of disgruntled residents.

The ruling Conservative group, now under their fourth leader in five years, shocked everyone by dramatically caving in to criticism and agreeing to review the whole strategy. Splits immediately emerged amongst local Conservatives as the previously silent MP turned on her own council group and criticised their approach to the creation of the plan.

“After only a little over six months in overall control of the council, the Conservatives are already fighting amongst themselves. We need a considered and mature approach to housing strategy for the District, but instead we have been presented with an unpopular plan drawn up behind closed doors”, said Liberal Democrat group leader, Sarah Osborne.

“This is a humiliating climb-down from a strategy that the Tories have invested so much of our public money in. Now that the plan is clearly falling apart at the seams, our new Conservative MP choses to voice her outrage at how the plan was put together, yet she did nothing about it at the time. Did she know about it and do nothing, or did her councillors simply ignore her? Either way, it shows the continued confusion gripping the local Conservatives”.

“I am looking forward to the new cross-party working group that will review the strategy and all future plans. I want to ensure we have a fully transparent process that results in a scheme that everyone can support.

Low earners targeted by Tories as Lib Dems win council tax fight

Liberal Democrats on Lewes District Council have won their fight to change Tory-backed plans to reduce the amount of council tax relief for people including lone parents and carers on low incomes.

The Conservative plan involved assuming a ‘minimum income’ for the self-employed regardless of real earnings. Sarah Osborne, leader of the Lib Dems on the council, argued that this was discriminatory particularly for lone parents, those with caring responsibilities, and people with serious health conditions who cannot work 35 hours as required by the Tories’ ‘minimum income’.

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Newhaven residents join Lib Dem fight against waste site

The petition recently started by the Lib Dems against the Conservatives proposed new waste site in Newhaven has been resoundingly backed by many local residents.

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Lib Dems celebrate tax credit victory

Tax_credits.jpgThere was victory recently for local people as pressure from both the public and the Lib Dems forced George Osborne into an embarrassing u-turn when he recently announced that the Conservatives were scrapping plans to cut Child Tax Credits.

More than 5000 children locally would have affected by Conservative plans to cut tax credits which were backed by our local Tory MP before the u-turn.

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Lib Dem takes action to save our bees

Ros_St_Pierre_and_Marion_Hughes.jpgA Liberal Democrat County Councillor is celebrating after she got fellow politicians from all parties on East Sussex County Council to ban the use of a pesticide which has been linked to the decline of bees.

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Isabelle Murray wins Seaford Central By-Election

Lib Dems celebrate as Isabelle Murray storms to victory in the Seaford Central by-election. 

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Labour will scrap £350 million A27 improvements

Labour's manifesto plans have included scrapping A27 improvement works announced by LibDem Danny Alexander in December 2014.

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Good news for local community transport groups

Lib Dem MP Norman Baker has welcomed news that CTLA along with other local community transport providers in his Lewes constituency are to receive mini bus funding to support their delivery of services.

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Success as MP’s intervention keeps UTC opening on track

The danger that Newhaven’s new University Technical College might have had to delay its opening by a year has been averted due to some nifty footwork by the town’s Lib Dem MP, Norman Baker.

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