Lib Dems condemn train fare rises

Lewes Liberal Democrats have condemned train fare rises announced today which will see the cost of travel increase by 1.8% in the Lewes District.

The Rail Industry announced rises of an average of 2.3% across all networks, meaning that a monthly season ticket from Lewes to London Victoria will top £400 while commuters are still facing ongoing delays and disruptions to services. 

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Lib Dems unapologetic pro-Europe message wins elections

Liberal Democrats in Lewes are celebrating the election of Sarah Olney in Richmond Park, where the Liberal Democrats overturned a 23,000 majority held by incumbent Zac Goldsmith, who resigned over Heathrow airport expansion in October.  

The Liberal Democrats campaigned unapologetically on Europe, where many constituencies who voted Remain are at odds with their Members of Parliament. In Lewes, incumbent MP Maria Caulfield campaigned for Leaving the EU, where as the Constituency voted by a majority to Remain.  

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Kate Parminter re-affirms Lib Dem Environmental Commitments

Baroness Kate Parminter, Lib Dem spokesperson on the Environment reaffirmed Liberal Democrat commitments as she addressed Lewes Constituency annual dinner last night.

The Liberal Democrats have been leading the way on environmental issues in parliament, from securing charges on plastic bags to reduce pollution through to championing green energy through investing in solar and wind power.

Since the Conservatives gained a majority government they have cut back on investment in green energy, resulting in the loss of circa 18000 jobs across the country in green energy. 

This is alongside the threat of Brexit undermining the UK's commitments on climate change and EU environmental policies.


Baroness Parminter, who led the campaign against fox hunting at the RSPCA, said "we also have to wary of Trump's election and the USA commitments on climate change. Pollution and a refusal to reduce countries carbon footprint could rapidly increase global warming and increase health problems from rising pollution."

Kelly-Marie Blundell,  Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes welcomed Kate, saying;
"Lib Dems have a long history of standing up for green issues, from fighting to introduce wind turbines to supporting solar power to reducing pollution from traffic. 

"As we are in  an era of political uncertainty we must make sure our environment is protected."

Conservative Government behind problems with Southern Rail

Liberal Democrats in Lewes can reveal that it is the contract Southern holds with the Department of Transport which is behind ongoing service disruptions following a meeting with Lewes Liberal Democrat Councillors and Govia.

The train service, which serves all of Lewes District, is managed by Southern through a contract held by the Department of Transport. The government have refused to reveal details of this contract, leading to action group ‘The Association of British Commuters’ to file a Judicial Review challenge in the High Court.

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Commuters prepare for Judicial Review on Southern Rail

The commuter-led organisation The Association of British Commuters, who raised £25,000 to fund a legal challenge, have revealled their basis for taking the Department of Transport to judicial review for failings in relation to Southern Rail. 

The organisation, which Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Kelly-Marie Blundell has helped campaign, want the Government to disclose the contract held with Govia Thameslink Railway, who run Southern Rail, so they can be held to account for their failings in providing adequate service. 


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Lib Dems welcome Commuter Court Action against Southern Rail

Liberal Democrats in Lewes, Newhaven, Seaford and Polegate have welcomed the news that a court has given a Southern commuter permission to sue the train operator for poor service.

Guildford County Court ruled on appeal that Sergei Cristo, who lives in Earlsfield, Surrey, can pursue action against Govia Thameslink, who manage Southern Rail, based on continued delays, changes to timetables and overcrowded trains. 

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Norman Baker writes Open Letter to Southern Rail

Previous Lewes Lib Dem MP and Rail Minister Norman Baker has written an open letter to Southern Rail, following months of problems with the rail operator, and his own experience with continued delays, lack of planning and staffing issues. 


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Further Lib Dem Victory in Seaford South

Lib Dems triumph again in Seaford, taking the Seaford South seat from Conservatives.

Nick Freeman, husband of Seaford Mayor Lindsay Freeman, was elected with a clear majority.


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Lib Dem Cheryl White takes Seaford North from Conservatives

Liberal Democrats have triumphed in Seaford with the election of Cheryl White in Seaford North taking the seat from the Conservatives.

Local holistic therapist Cheryl White, who used to be Seaford Town Council Clerk was elected with an overwhelming majority by the residents of Seaford.


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Lib Dems top poll in Two Horse Race

As the first Seaford council results come in from Seaford town Council by elections the Lib Dems top the polls, electing Dr Maggie Wearmouth as the new Seaford town councillor. 


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