Newhaven's Covid and Brexit double whammy

James MacCleary, leader of Lewes District Council, on BBC South discussing the challenges facing Newhaven port after France closed its borders last night.


Is Newhaven braced for a No Deal Brexit?

james_maccleary02_cropped_1000.jpg“The preparations made by Kent County Council have been all over the news in the last week,” said Cllr James MacCleary, parliamentary spokesperson for Lewes. “But when a Lib Dem county councillor, Cllr Darren Grover, raised the Newhaven road capacity issues for lorries entering the port after we exit the single market and the customs union as a verbal question at the county council, he was assured that there was sufficient capacity at the port and there would be no disruption, queues or other impacts on surrounding roads.

“If we get a No Deal, all the current methods of working will vanish on 1st January and ports will have to deal with tariffs which are taxes on goods, being brought into or leaving the country. All these changes mean that the seamless way that ports and cross-channel transport work is coming to an end, but there seems to be no acknowledgement from either central Government, by Highways or by East Sussex County Council that there are any changes needed at Newhaven.

I know many people find what is going on at the ports and with leaving the EU really confusing, but the very basic trade deal that the Government is seeking only deals with goods, it’s that or no deal at all. In both cases, this means a huge increase in paperwork and checks for goods and big delays in transit times. Things are never going to be the same again, despite Government promises of frictionless trade and ‘the same benefits as before’.

“I have written to the Minister and raised it in the press and have been assured that there are no plans for a Brexit lorry park. Neither the Minister nor the Civil Service as far as I am aware have set out any further contingency plans for ports in the south east other than Dover. The Government and ESCC seem blissfully unaware that major retailers such as Tesco are talking about rerouting transport routes away from Dover to other cross-channel routes. Newhaven-Dieppe is one of those routes. It’s also likely that if Dover becomes log-jammed, then hauliers will reroute trucks to other channel ports.

“If the government and the county council were on top of this issue and listening to hauliers and the road transport industry and to businesses like supermarkets, manufacturers and food importers, then they would be making proper contingency plans. It looks like their strategy is to shut their eyes and keep their fingers crossed and hope it will go away. Local communities deserve more than this and they certainly don’t deserve lines of trucks stacked back along the A26 because of complacency by East Sussex County Council.”

Lewes District Council says "Stop the Power Grab" on planning

houses_being_built_1000.jpgLewes District Council has voted to lobby our local MPs against the government's proposed changes to our planning system.

Councillor Rob Banks, Plumpton and East Chiltington's Councillor, who moved the motion, told the council: "As someone who really values the role local democracy plays, I remain so angry at these attacks on our planning system. My email in-box has been packed with complaints about the government’s plans.

"These plans reduce or remove the right of residents to comment on applications near them, and represent a “power grab” from local communities and democratically elected councils. Residents and councils alike, from the parish and town level onwards, will find they will not be able to have their say.

"The White Paper will grant automatic rights for developers to build on land identified as ‘for growth’. To my mind, in addition to the democratic deficit, the changes make it more difficult to design in methods to tackle climate change, protect nature and provide more affordable housing.

"And joy of joys we have another algorithm, generated by central government, saying how many houses need to be planned for every year. The Government is currently demanding that parts of Lewes District outside the National Park have to more than double the number of homes built every year to over 800.

"I am pleased the council supported this, but sadly the Conservatives refused to vote for the motion".

Councillor James MacCleary, Lewes District Council leader added: "Over a million homes currently have planning permission across the country but are not yet built, so the current planning system, while not perfect, is not a bar to development. We must stop the power grab by central government and developers, and lobby our MPs to call on the government to support a system that supports local communities needs rather than ignoring them".

Conservatives Infighting Fails To Deal With Dangerous Junction

Residents are rightly concerned about road safety at Bishopstone with two accidents in two days that have closed the road. The problem is made worse by conflict between the Conservative MP for Lewes who wrongly claimed that traffic lights were going to be installed, and the Conservative administration of the County Council who said very clearly that they were not. It is a mess and residents are right to be concerned at the lack of any action.

“This is another Tory shambles” said Cllr Carolyn Lambert, County Councillor for Seaford South, “There have been two accidents in two days at the Bishopstone junction. Our roads already have some of the highest killed and seriously injured statistics in the country, and as a Seaford resident, I am daily aware of the dangers people face on our roads. Unfortunately, all the Conservatives are doing is fighting among themselves rather than taking the action we need. The safety of local residents is more important than party politics.”

She adds: "We completely understand the frustration and concern of residents. However, we think this is a bigger problem than just the Bishopstone junction. We need to take a holistic look at all the junctions with the A259 throughout Seaford, all of which are potentially very risky. Seaford is the biggest town in the district and is continuing to grow. We call on East Sussex County Council to undertake a proper survey of the town to identify the areas of greatest risk to car users, cyclists and pedestrians, and to come up with some concrete proposals to enhance road safety."

Cllr Darren Grover comments: “I’ve been working hard to get action to improve the safety of Bishopstone junction since I was elected four years ago and have met with refusal by the Conservative County Council”. Grover, county councillor for Newhaven and Bishopstone, continued, “The Liberal Democrats locally have set up a non-political petition on the East Sussex County Council website for people to sign and make their feelings known about the dangers they face at the Bishopstone and Hill Rise junctions. This is not a political issue, people’s lives are at risk. People in our area tell me they feel very strongly about underinvestment and neglect by the Conservative County Council over the last 20 years, made worse by a Tory Government that has spent 10 years making savage cuts. These cuts have cost lives.

“I have worked with County Council colleagues of all parties and this led to the council investigating the options to make these junctions safer. Those investigations are now complete, but unfortunately Conservative cuts mean that action cannot be taken – despite local Liberal Democrats campaigning and the hard work of council staff. It is Conservative cuts that have meant that safety improvements are not happening.”

“This is not the first time this year we’ve had to take direct action on dangerous roads on the coast”, said Cllr Sean MacLeod. “Earlier this year, we needed to raise a petition to get Highways England to take action on major safety concerns on the A26. This is undoubtedly due to the constant cuts to funding from the Tory Government that has left both the County and Highways cash strapped and unable to protect local people, but mismanagement among Tory-run County Council is a big contributing factor to these failures.”

Have your say on Cycling and Walking: one day to go

As local Liberal Democrats, we’ve always championed sustainable modes of transport. We need your help to support walking, cycling and sustainable modes of transport across Lewes District and help lobby ESCC to put resources into a local walking and cycling investment for Lewes.

Now is the time to have your say, East Sussex County council have released a consultation for the East Sussex Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan. The deadline to complete this is 11th December.

The Plan sets out proposed cycling and walking networks, but it doesn’t have specific proposals. ESCC say they are focusing on areas of the county where there are opportunities to increase levels of walking and cycling with an emphasis on delivering infrastructure improvements for those who don’t walk and cycle.

While Lewes, Seaford and Newhaven have been covered in the plan, there’s not enough on routes between villages and between our towns and villages.

The link to the consultation is below. Please do go online and complete the survey. The more Lib Dem voices added to the survey, the stronger the voices will be to support sustainable transport in our towns and to make sure our villages are not forgotten.

Thanks for your help!

Spending review a 'missed opportunity' says James MacCleary

james_maccleary02_cropped_1000.jpgThe government's Spending Review announced by the Chancellor has been described as a 'missed opportunity' by local Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson, James MacCleary.

The Spending Review announced no extra support for the 3 million taxpayers who have received no support from the government during Covid-19 or for carers, children living in poverty or those in need of mental health services.

James MacCleary says: "This was a big missed opportunity for the government to step up and address some of the glaring inequalities exposed by Covid-19. There are 3 million UK taxpayers who have received no support whatsoever from the government and businesses who have been completely missed out.

"The government are pursuing a levelling down agenda with 1 million small businesses estimated to close. Locally, we have more small businesses than most and the government's lack of support will have a disastrous effect. Especially as there is nothing in the review to help with the impact of Brexit.

"Once again local MP, Maria Caulfield, is failing to support our community. Businesses are being abandoned and she is not speaking out on their behalf instead just toeing the government line.

"The government talk about levelling up. It's time they levelled with the British public - 'if you're running a small business, struggling to make ends meet, or if you're an unpaid carer, we're not helping you'."

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

"With the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the Chancellor needed to ensure today that no one is left behind. That was the litmus test, and he has failed.

"Far from a radically new approach to the recovery that tackles deep-seated inequality and builds a new green economy, we have a Government that is failing to support carers, children living in poverty and everyone in need of mental health services.

“The Chancellor has also made some unforgivable political choices today. He has chosen to continue to ignore people excluded from support and chosen to reject calls to properly extend furlough, leaving too many people facing unemployment. People deserve better.”

Maria Caulfield must use last chance to back farmers

Local Liberal Democrats have called on Maria Caulfield MP for once to put her Brexit obsession behind her, back British farming and vote to protect our high environmental and animal welfare standards.

In a letter to Ms Caulfield, Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson, James MacCleary, warned the Tories that they must ensure any post-Brexit trade deals meet existing UK animal welfare and food safety rules. The votes come on Wednesday [04/11/2020] in amendments to the Agriculture Bill.

According to the NFU, over a million people have also signed their petition calling for the UK Government to put laws in place that prevent imports of food that is produced in ways that are illegal here in the UK.

JM_Farmland500.jpgLiberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson for Lewes, James MacCleary, said:

"Our rural communities are being abandoned in the rush for Brexit at any cost. Farming is not just a part of our economy, but also part of our culture and our heritage.

"My grandparents were dairy farmers and I've seen the sacrifices it takes to keep a farm going. It's as much about a way of life as it is about making any money. Many farmers, like my grandparents, have second jobs like running a B&B from the farmhouse to keep things going.

"It is thanks to tireless campaigning by organisations such as the NFU and the many individuals who supported them and care about food that there is now an opportunity to protect our high standards of food safety. Sadly, the prospect of chlorinated chicken and hormone-laced beef are very much on the table for hard Brexiteers like Maria Caulfield.

“It is clear that, until now, our Brexit-obsessed MP has been ready to sell out our farmers whatever the cost to them. She needs to start putting the needs of her constituents ahead of those of her party.”

Liberal Democrat Rural Affairs Spokesperson Tim Farron added:

“Farmers across the country are incredibly worried that the UK is about to be flooded with poor quality food undercutting their high quality produce.

“It doesn't need to be this way. Liberal Democrats back British farming and want to work in partnership with our farmers to help cut greenhouse gas emissions, support the recovery of our natural environment all while continuing to produce the food that fills our cupboards.”


Below is the letter sent by James MacCleary to Maria Caulfield:

Dear Maria,

I am writing to urge you to vote on Wednesday in favour of maintaining our high British food standards for imported food.

This is the best way to protect British farmers and their livelihoods as this Government has consistently promised to do, but have so far failed to live up to that promise.

British farmers are the lifeblood of our country, they are the guardians of our landscapes, vital partners in the fight against climate change, all while producing the high quality food that fills our cupboards.

However, the Government is happy to risk all that. They’ve rejected several attempts by Parliament to ensure that imported food is produced to the same high standards that British farmers work towards. If this doesn’t happen the risk is our farmers are undercut by food produced to standards that simply would not be acceptable in the UK.

It means imported meat being produced using practices that have long been banned in the UK, it means importing food grown on deforested land that used to be a diverse rainforest - this is unacceptable.

I therefore urge you to back British farmers by voting to maintain our high standards for imported food when the Agriculture Bill returns to the Commons on Wednesday. If passed it ensures that our farmers can continue to produce the food for your table without worrying that they will be driven out of business by food produced to lower standards.

Kindest regards,

Councillor James MacCleary

Maria Caulfield MP condemned for misusing public money

  • 201105_PC_MCa.jpgParliamentary Commissioner finds MP guilty of using public funds for political purposes
  • Misleading information given by MP during investigation
  • Apology demanded for two local councillors named in rule-breaking mailing

An MP has been found guilty of misusing public money for political campaigning. Maria Caulfield MP was found to have breached the rules by the Parliamentary Commissioner on Standards. The investigation followed a complaint about a mailing Ms Caulfield sent to residents in Newhaven in May in which she named two Liberal Democrat councillors.

The letter was during the consultation on the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service's Integrated Risk Management Plan. Ms Caulfield's response to the Commissioner contains a series of false statements. This includes claiming that Newhaven was the 'only town affected' in the constituency when in fact Lewes, Seaford and Barcombe were all affected. She also wrongly claims that Newhaven is represented by 'Conservative, Labour, Green and Independent councillors' when in fact there are no Green or Labour councillors representing the town at any level.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson, James MacCleary, who represents Newhaven on the District and Town Councils, said: "This is clearly very disappointing to hear. Not only has Maria Caulfield abused public money to try and score political points, but she has then attempted to mislead the Commissioner.

"We know that Ms Caulfield does not live in the constituency, but you would expect her to know that important communities like Seaford, Lewes and Barcombe are in her patch. It is also disappointing that Ms Caulfield who claims to take such an interest and has an office in our town is so unaware of its political make up and representation. This may explain why she gets her facts wrong about Newhaven.

"The least we should expect here is a public apology for misusing public funds. It is a very serious matter regardless of the scale. Unfortunately, we are more likely to get a list of excuses."

Councillor Carolyn Lambert, who represents Seaford and is Vice Chair of East Sussex Fire Authority, said: “I am pleased that the Commissioner has made this finding. Maria Caulfield has repeatedly made inaccurate comments about Liberal Democrat members of the Fire Authority. In addition, she continues to repeat her untrue comments about being asked to lobby for further funding for the Fire and Rescue Service, including at a recent briefing meeting.

"We are still waiting to hear about when we can expect funding from government to reverse years of cuts to funding for fire services across the country - including East Sussex.

"It is important that the public can trust their MP to give them accurate information and not to mislead them.

"I now look forward to receiving an apology from Ms Caulfield."

The full report from the Commissioner which includes all the evidence can be found here:

Maritime UK Awards short list

Tony_Parker_Shoreham_600.jpgTony Parker, a Liberal Democrat from Lewes, has been described as central to Shoreham Port’s nomination for a national award. Shoreham Port’s press release is below.


Shoreham Port has been shortlisted for a Maritime UK Award, it has been announced this week.

The Maritime UK Awards recognise the very best of the UK’s maritime sector, focusing on a wide range of areas including business growth, innovation, sustainability, and diversity. Shoreham Port is nominated for The Clean Maritime Operator award; one of three new Maritime UK Award categories focused on green growth and decarbonisation, comprising the Department for Transport’s Clean Maritime Awards.

The Clean Maritime Operator award will be awarded to a maritime company who have taken action to move their UK operation towards zero emissions. The finalists were announced as part of the celebration of Maritime UK Week 2020, which has been organised to shine a spotlight on the UK's maritime sector, its role and future. It follows a period where the maritime sector’s role as the fundamental enabler of trade and critical freight supplies into the country were reasserted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The winners will be announced at a live-streamed event across the world from Plymouth on 12 November 2020.

Shoreham Port’s nomination is attributed to Tony Parker, former Director of Engineering and Director of Infrastructure & Sustainability at Shoreham Port since January 2019. Tony has brought a wealth of over 40 years of expertise with him to this pioneering role, setting Shoreham Port on the path to achieve net-zero air quality emissions by 2021 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Working closely with local authorities and communities, Tony has successfully reduced the Port’s reliance on fossil fuels and has driven Shoreham Port to make major strides forward in the generation and use of green energy sources.

Other initiatives include introducing low emission Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) fuel to power operational machinery, creating the Port’s LED lighting strategy, introducing electric-powered Port vehicles, and continuing to develop a biodiversity corridor as a Board Member of the Brighton and Lewes Downs Biosphere Partnership, creating strong community links with the Trust Port’s stakeholders and organisations across their city. In addition, a water source heat pump (WSHP) will be fitted at their fully-serviced business centre Maritime House later in the year, saving 70 tonnes of carbon and damaging emissions from entering the atmosphere once installed.

Tony commented “I’m incredibly proud of the whole team here at Shoreham Port. We have worked so hard to help drive our neighbourhood forward towards truly clean air, net-zero carbon emissions and greater biodiversity. The entire team puts a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm into the work, so to see our efforts appreciated in this way by our fellow Maritime UK colleagues feels like a great honour. There is always much more that can be done for our environment and this nomination will only encourage us to work ever harder to reach and exceed our sustainability targets.”

Harry Theochari, Chair of Maritime UK commented “We’re delighted to announce the finalists for the Maritime UK Awards 2020. Across all fourteen categories we can see some genuinely world-beating products, services, and operators. I’m particularly pleased to see some fantastic projects being showcased in the new Clean Maritime categories. Given the importance the sector places on getting to net zero, it is important that we celebrate the progress made on that journey and connect people together so that they can achieve more than on their own. These awards help do just that. The quality of entries this year is testament to the strength and commitment of our maritime sector to be world-class despite the most challenging of circumstances.”

Clap for carers but no money

key_sad-woman-200.jpgConservatives on East Sussex County Council refused to support a Notice of Motion asking them to sign up to the UNISON Ethical Care Charter as soon as possible.

Liberal Democrat and Labour County Councillors pointed to the huge contribution made by carers during the pandemic and argued that it was high time that they were properly rewarded.

Cllr John Ungar, Shadow Spokesperson for Adult Social Care, said:
It seems that the Conservatives are happy to clap for carers but don’t care enough about them to pay them properly. There is no reason why the County Council should not sign up to this Ethical Charter as many other authorities have done, and it would give a strong message to our carers that we recognise the value of the work they are doing”.

Cllr David Tutt, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group adds:
“Boris Johnson came to power promising to sort out Adult Social Care. Signing the Charter would set a firm framework for improving conditions for hard-pressed care workers at a local level and services to some of the most vulnerable people in our community”.

Unison launched the Ethical Care Charter in 2013. The Charter calls for councils to commission homecare services which establish a minimum baseline for the safety, quality and dignity of care by ensuring employment conditions which:
A) do not routinely short change clients and
B) ensure the recruitment and retention of a more stable workforce through more sustainable pay, conditions and training levels.

Since it was launched in 2013, 46 councils with responsibility for social care have signed the Charter.

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